Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Marvel’s Top Choice For Doctor Strange

Latino Review reports that The Dark Knight Rises star Joseph Gordon-Levitt is top of Marvel Studios’ wishlist to play Doctor…

Matt Holmes


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Latino Review reports that The Dark Knight Rises star Joseph Gordon-Levitt is top of Marvel Studios’ wishlist to play Doctor Strange.

Levitt had been previously considered for the role of Star-Lord in next summer’s Guardians Of The Galaxy blockbuster, a role that instead went to Chris Pratt, but according to LR, he has remained on the person of interest list of Marvel.

Of course Latino Review aren’t a trade publication or an official source for movie news but they do have an incredible track-record of being on the money when it comes to comic book movie castings. Given that it’s Latino Review as the source, and Marvel’s prior interest in casting Levitt… there is an a lot of credence to this story on the surface. Though we should stress the website make it known no talks have likely happened between Levitt and Marvel, and indeed Levitt may be hearing of this interest in him for the first time.

Doctor Strange has long been talked of as a potential movie in Marvel’s canon and looks likely to be one of the movies that will fill the already set-aside 2016 and 2017 release dates for “Phase 3”. It’s well known that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is a big fan of the character and that a film about a mysterious sorcerer could find an audience. Strange certainly isn’t the easiest character not only to cast but to make work on our big screens… but once they managed it with another tricky property in Thor, the challenge certainly shouldn’t feel so daunting.

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Would JGL make a good Doctor Strange? Well he’s certainly kicked-ass in most movies he has been involved in lately and has made every role assigned to him his own. He is definitely the right age and star power that Marvel have looked to cast lately for their heroes and is an actor who could make an outlandish character credible. It would also be a huge power move from Marvel to further stick things to Warner Bros/DC who may have tentative plans to carry on his John Blake/Robin character from The Dark Knight Rises into future Batman movies or the Justice League universe, and showing that Marvel are so much further along, organised and successful with their comic book adaptations.

Personally, I always thought they had previously cast Edward Norton in totally the wrong role and his mysterious/aloof demeanor would have made a perfect Doctor Strange, rather than his Bruce Banner. But Joseph Gordon-Levitt… that ain’t bad casting at all folks. This could turn out to be something good.