Justice League: 11 Final Concerns

Can Joss Whedon make Cyborg work?

Aquaman Cyborg Justice League
Warner Bros.

In a mere matter of days, audiences will finally be able to see Justice League for themselves and decide whether or not Warner Bros. actually learned anything at all from the hostile reaction to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

It's had one hell of a journey making its way to cinema screens, with post-production troubles bloating the budget out to a reported $300 million, ensuring that the studio will be desperate for the film to make a cool billion dollars.

The jury's still out, of course, but with Justice League's early social media embargo recently being lifted, fans have been granted a little insight into what the critical consensus just might be.

It short, like the film isn't quite the disaster many were expecting, and reportedly pretty fun at times. However, it also sounds like you should probably still be worried about a lot of the usual DCEU issues, and as release approaches, there are a number of concerns which could ultimately make or break the movie with audiences.


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