He’s the fastest man alive. He’s one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. He has had no cinematic endeavors. He’s the Flash, the hero of Central (or Keystone) City with super-speed and one of the most recognizable symbols in comic history.

So, why has no one taken it upon themselves to make a little money with a hero that has a huge following in the comic world? Well, as many of you know, Warner Brothers has had a Flash movie “under-wraps” and in pre-production for, oh, 700 years or so. But with news of a Justice League movie rumored to hit screens fairly soon, who do we want to see take the role?

The following is a list of some fan-favorites and personal choices as to just who could suit up to be the superhero. I’ll also note that this list contains actors who will take on the Barry Allen persona of the Flash, instead of the Wally West and Jay Garrick ones (no disrespect to either, just trying to stay in line with what WB will probably produce). It should also be noted that this list is not numbered by preference, but by age, spanning from younger actors to older ones.

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This article was first posted on September 7, 2012