Justice League Final Trailer: 10 Plot Points It Reveals

The world needs Superman.

Justice League Plot Points
Warner Bros.

The new, ostensibly final trailer for Justice League has arrived, bringing us our latest look at Zack Snyder's (and the trailer leaves no doubt that this is still his movie) epic team-up event.

As with everything DC-related on the big screen, it's already proving divisive for its tone and imagery, while losing points for a poor David Bowie cover and earning them for more great character work with these heroes.

That, really, is what the marketing has been about - these solo superheroes going "all in" together - and the latest trailer exemplifies that well, and once again resists the urge to spoil too much of the movie in the way many trailers - and certainly a lot of comic book movie trailers, from both Marvel and DC - tend to do.

However, even with the onus on hype-building and establishing the tone of the movie, there are quite a few hints in there about what the plot of the movie actually is, even if you're too distracted by that shot of Aquaman standing in the water, or Aquaman flying around stabbing Parademons (or anything Aquaman does, to be honest), to really notice.

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