Justice League Movie: 10 Ways It Could Be Better Than The Avengers

It could happen! And here are ten ways how.

Despite a few critics insisting that it was a vacuous, emotionless affair, The Avengers generally smashed it so far out of the park that it hit the batsman on the back of the head. It was probably one of the most hotly anticipated movies of the last ten years (thanks to the clever post-credits set up that took place across five years of Marvel film output), and judging by its insane box-office business €“ currently, it€™s the highest grossing comic book movie of all time €“ it certainly satisfied audiences the world over. With the unprecedented success of The Avengers, DC and Warner Bros. Studios clearly had their excitement piqued by the prospect of raking in that sort of acclaim for their own Superhero ensemble: The Justice League of America. Many of you are skeptical, arguing that DC have been floundering compared to Marvel of recent years, but I just don€™t think that€™s the case. Nolan€™s Dark Knight franchise has doing it for world-wide cinemagoers for the last six years and before The Avengers knocked it off the top spot, The Dark Knight actually held the €˜most profitable comic book property€™ moniker proudly. And let€™s be honest with ourselves; not every Marvel movie leading up to the Avengers was even nearly as good. Indeed there are many ways that The Justice League Movie could outperform The Avengers, both in terms of box-office success and critical reception. Here are just ten of €˜em.

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