Justice League Review: 4 Ups & 7 Downs

Well, it was better than Suicide Squad.

Justice League Poster
Warner Bros.

The road to Justice League's release has felt so incredibly long despite Batman v Superman releasing barely 18 months ago, no doubt exacerbated by the film's much-publicised production troubles, but finally, the DCEU's answer to The Avengers has arrived.

To the surprise of just about nobody, Justice League is a mixed bag of a movie, a messy, rough production that's clearly been snipped to pieces in the quest to create a broadly acceptable mainstream blockbuster, even if much of its soul and personality has clearly been jettisoned in the process.

Is Justice League an awful movie? Absolutely not. It's not even really a bad movie, it's just a mediocre, weirdly boring disappointment. There are many standout elements, mainly the cast, but considering the money Warner Bros. has put behind it, it's a damn shame the end product feels so slapdash and poorly thought-out.

At least there are some compelling seeds sewn for the future of the DCEU, and if Warner Bros. actually takes their time to carefully incubate a Justice League sequel, there's still some hope for the franchise yet...


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