Justice League: Zack Snyder Reveals Aquaman Test Footage

The director celebrates his birthday with a new clip of the King of the Seven Seas.

Justice League Jason Momoa Aquaman
Warner Bros. Pictures

You don't get time off from directing a major blockbuster just because it's your birthday, so Zack Snyder had to make do with celebrating by sharing some new footage with the world.

Still hard at work on Justice League, Snyder took to Twitter to reveal a brief but nonetheless intriguing clip of Jason Momoa in action as Aquaman. While we've already seen Momoa in promos for the movie, the sequence is the first from it to show him underwater.

The big question is just who he's swimming towards. Is that Orm, aka Ocean Master? The armour suggests so, which means that Arthur Curry's half-brother and long-time enemy might be making a cameo appearance in Justice League, ahead of a full appearance in the solo Aquaman movie, with Patrick Wilson already cast in the role.

Obviously the VFX is nowhere near finished, so hopefully this will be a lush underwater world by the time it's complete. Also of note here are the gills on Aquaman's ribcage, and the fact he appears to be wearing jeans, which cannot be comfortable.

Justice League is still some way off, but we should be getting a proper trailer for the movie soon. Hopefully this new clip will help, *ahem*, tide fans over until it gets here.

Justice League will be released November 17.

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