Justin Bieber Instagrams Batman vs. Superman Script – Has He Auditioned For Robin?

Yes. You read it correctly, ladies and gentlemen. Apparently, thanks to Bieber’s reckless ability to not only post pictures of…

Ryan N. Glenn


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Yes. You read it correctly, ladies and gentlemen.

Apparently, thanks to Bieber’s reckless ability to not only post pictures of himself but also a copy of the script for Batman vs. Superman, the Hollywood pop culture icon has now taken his piece of the pie (or in this case, controversy).

Late Friday night on September 14th, Bieber instagrammed a photo of himself with a seemingly legit copy of the Batman vs. Superman script, hinting at a possible involvement with the 2015 film.

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All I have to say is: forget George Clooney, forget the batsuit nipples, forget the bat credit card, and forget Uma Thurman’s terrible demeanor. If Justin Bieber becomes in any way involved with this project revolving around the World’s Finest, we could be seeing the end of both Batman and Superman. And quite possibly the hope of comic books. This is the truth, and I know for a stone cold fact many others would agree right off the bat.

Just imagine Justin Bieber being handed a role for the team-up between Batman and Superman: what could they not screw up with a casting call such as this? While it’s hard to even imagine the remote possibility that this is even happening, one must wonder just what gave the producers, studio, or whoever handed Bieber the script the idea that he would be even remotely close to being considered for something such as this? Are they crazy? If they think Ben Affleck being cast as Batman sent the world into a virtual frenzy, imagine what this could do. Server crashes, galore.

Okay, maybe I’m being a little to reckless with my writing and opinions on this matter, so let’s talk about what could happen on the flip side of all the inevitable negative reactions: it would give Bieber the boost in his acting career (cough, cough), and therefore make his parents proud that he’ll actually be making a decent penny on his own merit. And this could even help him better connect with the fans out there……I mean, come on. Wouldn’t he make an excellent Robin, seeing as how he’s always invited in on someone else’s dime?

Okay, let’s get serious. This can’t happen. It shouldn’t happen. It shouldn’t even be thought of, for the idea alone is enough to cripple the senses of the average Batman and Superman fan. I would go on record and say this is possibly the worse casting call since Hallie Berry in Catwoman. I know that this is just an audition for the Biebs, so nothing is truly set in stone. But it’s the idea that gets me, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks that. Let’s just pray that whatever role it is gets handed down to someone who holds much more legitimacy over Bieber, even in singing.

So let’s hear it: what do you guys think? Are we actually on the verge of seeing Ben Affleck and Justin Bieber as Batman & Robin? How did we end up here?