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As Katherine Heigl becomes less and less relevant in the film industry with each passing year, the perpetually rom-com actress looks finally ready to ditch that scene for a more cerebral fare, one that might finally start the tide turning in her favour.

The Hollywood Reporter says Heigl has smartly pitched herself to the romantic drama A Moment To Remember, Ben Lewin’s next project, the director who led Helen Hunt to a Best Supporting Actress nod in the highly-regarded The Sessions. No doubt with Awards recognition of her own on her mind, Heigl will play a fashion designer (no seriously, it’s not one of those movies again) who is stricken with a rare disease that is eroding her memory, forcing her husband to try and give her one last memory of the love they have shared.

The film would be a remake of a 2004 South Korean film of the same name that itself was based on a Japanese TV series titled Pure Soul. It will be produced and financed by Sony Pictures, in conjunction with Sobini Films (who once had this remake setup at CBS Films) and Film 360 and Scott Pictures will be selling the film at the Berlin International Film Festival.

A late-spring production start is being eyed and this one will most likely end up in the fall film festival circuit, Lewin perhaps thinking he missed out on some awards recognition himself as voters may have forgotten about The Sessions after it premiered to great acclaim way back in January 2012.

Will this be the movie to finally see Heigl make that Sandra Bullock-like transition into serious fare, or will it be seen as a total mis-casting on Lewin’s behalf, like every director who tried to do something different with Meg Ryan once her rom-com flame burnt out?

Whilst you are mulling that one over, make sure to watch the full South Korean version of the movie below;

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This article was first posted on February 8, 2013