Leonardo DiCaprio Aiming For Robin Hood: Origins

Third entry added to movie slate race.

Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen. Robin Hood, Robin Hood, will have a film or three, again. Yes, the legendary hero who robbed from the rich, gave to the poor, and once had a soundtrack by Bryan Adams looks to be raising his bow to the big screen once more. The only concern is which studio will be getting there first. News has broken today from The Tracking Board that Leonardo DiCaprio€™s production company, Appian Way, and producer, Joby Harold have a cunning plan to produce Robin Hood: Origins, which will (if the title doesn€™t give it way) look at how the outlaw came to be. Origins isn€™t the only entry on the list, though. As well as the DiCaprio/Harold€™s take, Disney have Pirates of the Caribbean-ey, Nottingham & Hood in their to-do pile, and Sony also have the simple but not very effective, Hood, waiting in the wings too. Deadline have weighed in on the recent revelation that Sony could cut a deal with Harold for Hood, and merge it with their own property. You know what they say, two giant studio heads are better than one. Considering the potential pictures, there€™s a chance the aforementioned arrangement could go ahead seeing how much of a reputation Joby has made for himself. Writing as well as producing Edge of Tomorrow, he€™s also dealing with another hero from British lore, with Guy Ritchie€™s Knights Of The Round Table: King Arthur, starring Charlie Hunnam. We€™ll have to wait and see which one shoots first, and if after Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe, we actually get someone with a legit Nottingham accent. Crazy, but possible.
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