Before I begin with my five observations about the movie Looper, I’d like to make something crystal clear to all of you. I am not in the business of slagging off films to cause controversy in order to obtain readers, especially perfectly great movies. As much as I don’t think Looper deserves the title of film of the year (The Avengers was superior) it is still a great movie, especially within the lower budget almost B-Movie sci-fi genre it occupies, and I would certainly rate it 4 out of 5 stars. I also understand having spent the last three years of my life learning how to write films that there is no such thing anymore as a truly original idea. Try as you might, film storylines will undoubtedly have many comparisons to many other films, whether unintentional or not.

Side note: Stephanie Meyer the writer of the Twilight series claims she had never watched Buffy before writing the series though the two stories have many similarities ie. the protagonist’s names- Bella Swan and Buffy Summers- BS/BS… many people would call Meyer out for speaking actual BS, but with the vast amount of films, TV series and books in the world, a truly original idea simply doesn’t exist.

Though Looper suffered from being over-hyped, it is still an entirely great movie and did exactly what it intended to do. Though it may not be the best film of the year, it is the best surprise of the year- a film that had only recently been on my radar and wasn’t at all a disappointment. The following list explores the 5 main storylines Looper steals from other pieces of fiction before it. This isn’t a criticism more simply an observation, and in many of these cases I am sure Rian Johnson intentionally took inspiration from the movies on this list…

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This article was first posted on October 16, 2012