Man Of Steel: 10 Reasons It Could Be The Best Film of 2013

It’s that time of year again. Fresh off of the disappointment of Award nominations season the most angered of us…

Luke Stevenson



It’s that time of year again. Fresh off of the disappointment of Award nominations season the most angered of us throw our replica Oscars to the ground, scream ‘Be done with you Academy!’, crawl in a cupboard under the stairs, where a tantrum will be well and truly thrown, and start looking forward to the saving graces of this years cinema.

So welcome to my cupboard (mind your head) and a preview of a film that, I believe, could be this years best movie, the best comic book movie of all time and a complete erasing of Sucker Punch from my memory. Let’s hope his nerves are steel as well to deal with this anticipation.

Fresh off of the monster success of the Batman Franchise and facing the monster promise of a Justice League movie where he could potentially be the only recognisable character in it, (odds are highly stacked in the region of Christian Bale not returning as Batman), Man Of Steel carries the weight and expectations of pretty much all of Warner Bros plans for the next decade. Let’s hope those nerves of steel haven’t been broken yet…


10.  Warner Bros’ Desperate Roll Of The Dice


Following on from what I established, this is a huge movie for Warner Bros when it comes to the war for comic book ticket sales, so far Marvel are winning.

Whilst The Dark Knight Trilogy is the undisputed king of the comic book movie, Marvel have crafted a never ending flow of Comic Book movies where they have taken the unheard of (Thor, Hawk Eye) and the downright unlikable (anything starring Chris Evans) and turned them in to money machines that will continue to culminate in Avengers movies until the series gets bored.

Meanwhile at DC they’ve only recently managed to drag success out of possibly the second best known comic book character in the world (for those who don’t read comic books) and charted a failure with the best known comic book character in the world (Superman Returns).

Warner Bros has success in other areas, but there is no disputing now that Comic Book movies are the flavour of the day, more money is spent on tickets to see this genre than any other and keeping people interested in Super Heroes after The Dark Knight bowed out is vital to help them. Luckily for them they’ve only got the biggest super hero of all time in Superman, and the commitment to this movie being a commercial, and critical, success to ensure the longevity of Warner Bros comic book fight will mean they will throw everything at it.

We can see that already, the biggest names on Warner Bros books are involved with Zack Snyder directing, Hans Zimmer producing the score, Christopher Nolan Executive Producing and David S Goyer writing the story. This is all or nothing for Warner Bros and DC films now, they don’t have the Batman to rest on for a few years and this holds the hopes of its future. Expect nothing less than complete commitment and one hell of a ride.