Margot Robbie Predicts Disaster For The Joker & Harley Quinn's Love Story

It's all going to end badly.

Harley Quinn Joker
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If you think there's a happy ending in store for tragic, explosive lovers Harley Quinn and The Joker, you've got another thing coming. Though it was partly cut out of Suicide Squad, there's is a relationship or abuse and power plays, defined by violence and psychological control, which is very much the toxic reason behind Harley's "fall".

Even with an upcoming film dedicated to them - and the possibility of us seeing some of the seminal Crazy Love story arc adapted - there's no way any of this ends with them heading off into the sunset together to live happily ever after making little circus babies.

And Margot Robbie wouldn't want it to anyway, as she's just announced.

The actress - who is set to play Harley at least another couple of times - spoke to Bang Showbiz (via Female First) about how she sees it all going:

“Their love story has to end in flames. It has to. It just wouldn’t be right.”

To say they've had a problematic relationship over the years would be a slight under-exaggeration, and more recently Harley has put her infatuation behind her to start a relationship with Poison Ivy. Let's hope that the DCEU is brave enough to go with that resolution, rather than something safer, too.

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