Mark Verheiden updates us on the Teen Titans

nightwing.jpgMark Verheiden might just have the worst looking blog on the Internet but we don't care. It's great when people involved in the industry keep us updated with the goings on in their future projects. Anyway Veheiden is the writer for the Teen Titans movie in development over at Warner Brothers. The guy's had a flurry of e-mails regarding the project (those comic book movies are popular ya know) since it was reported yesterday, so he's kindly answered a couple of recurring questions on his blog...
I'm not a fan of super-early spoilers, but I will say the script involves the Nightwing character and will be exploring the Titans at an interesting (and universal) crossroads in their lives... ...I'm not sure why so many folks are assuming we won't be using the "top tier" Titans. I'm not ready to list the characters we ARE using (other than Nightwing), but you won't be disappointed. There's also a lot of discussion about possible "rights issues." There were internal conversations re: which characters we'll be using, but last time I checked, Time/Warner still owned DC Comics, meaning it's all in the family.
Nightwing is cool. I've always thought an adult Nightwing movie would have worked really well if it was done in a dark tone like Daredevil, although obviously any Teen Titans movie won't be going in that direction. source - filmstalker
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