Marvel: 15 Richest MCU Actors So Far

Geniuses. Billionaires. Playboys. Philanthropists.

Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr Iron Man
Marvel Studios

Given the phenomenal successes of the MCU movies at the box office, it's no real surprise that Marvel Studios have become one of the most significant power players in Hollywood right now. They're now in a position to make three movies a year (at least for now), with ever-increasing production budgets and costly talent dripping all over them.

If you're one of the money men behind the scenes, you've probably been laughing hysterically atop a huge treasure pile since Iron Man kicked it all off, and with even bigger movies set for the future, that's not going to end any time soon.

Inevitably though, with great successes comes extra expense, as the actors who helped you bring in those healthy hauls suddenly start to cost an awful lot more. In that respect, the MCU's top talent are regularly listed as some of the richest actors currently in work, and getting a multi-picture from Kevin Feige must be like several Christmases coming at once.

It's no real wonder that so many huge names are now popping up as the newest additions to the MCU. But which of the MCU's big earners have managed to amass the most gold so far?

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