Marvel Cinematic Universe: 10 Things That Could Prematurely End It

9. Rushing Famous Storylines

The Avengers was well set up by all of the films that preceded it, and other films felt like they came at a natural point for the universe. Even though they're up to top speed, however, Marvel has to be careful not to rush ahead of themselves. Most importantly, they have to be careful not to rush Civil War, given how important it could be for their world. In the comics, the Civil War storyline started as a result of an untrained group of superheroes getting into a fight they weren€™t prepared for - a fight that ended in an explosion that destroyed a school. This lead to an act for Superhero Registration picking up steam in congress and becoming law, followed by a schism between all of Marvel€™s Earth-based heroes, mainly the pro-registration Iron Man and anti-registration Captain America. The only problem is that as at the moment Marvel don€™t have that many characters - even with the addition of those coming through in the TV shows and new characters in Age Of Ultron - there€™s a danger of the storyline seeming more like a Civil Scuffle than a Civil War. Also, given that the identities of a lot of the heroes currently around are public knowledge, the drama could be sucked out of the story. Unless they€™ve got a great plan for it, Captain America: Civil War could end up feeling really rushed. If this happens to too many of Marvel€™s most famous storylines, audiences will end up feeling short-changed in terms of quality, which could sound the death-knell for the universe.

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