Marvel Phase 3: 15 Outrageous Predictions That Could Change Everything

Returning villains, Deaths and new origins...

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If you're a cynic, you probably regularly claim that there's no creativity in the MCU: that Kevin Feige and his cronies have cynically carved out a mass-market model for success that pumps out identikit paint-by-numbers movies with precisely zero courageous turns to them.

But you'd be wrong. Go and watch Doctor Strange, go and soak in the genre-riffing in the Guardians Of The Galaxy movies, or watch Thor and Ant-Man back to back and claim they're the same. You might be able to bet safely on Marvel movies being successful, but guessing their every move is a foolish endeavour.

Marvel have already proved themselves fond of throwing spanners in the works and dropping major surprises into the MCU, and we'd all be fools not to expect them to get creative as the series ramps up towards Infinity War and its sequel. And judging by some of the most popular theories and fan predictions out there (and those that can reasonably be drawn from what we've seen already), the seeds are already being sewn.

So what could the most universe-changing developments in Phase 3 be, and what sort of ramifications would they have...?

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