Matt Damon is without question one of our most reliable A-list actors, one who consistently stars in quality productions and is therefore able to deliver solid performance after solid performance, with only the occasional dud getting in his way (one that usually isn’t his fault).

With the impending. much-anticipated release of his collaboration with Neil Blomkamp, Elysium – out today in the US, August 21st in the UK – it’s time to pore back over Damon’s filmography and pick out those truly awesome performances, as well as those that flat-out sucked.

Whittling the list down to 5 awesome performances proved quite a challenge indeed; there’s so much grandeur to choose from, while to the same token Damon hasn’t exactly had a wealth of sucky turns to separate out, cementing his stature as one of our very best actors.

Here are 5 awesome Matt Damon performances, and 5 that sucked…

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This article was first posted on August 9, 2013