Matt Reeves To Direct The Batman

Taking a detour from Planet of the Apes straight to the Batcave.

Matt Reeves The Batman
Warner Bros.

With Ben Affleck recently announcing his departure from the director’s role on the upcoming solo Batman movie, speculation has been kicked up from all angles about who could replace him.

Scuttlebutt had it that Matt Reeves was Warner Bros' favourite for the gig and well, you can now power down the rumour mill as it’s just been confirmed that the Cloverfield and Let Me In director has been picked to helm the hotly anticipated solo reboot of the Dark Knight.

Deadline notes that Reeves is in final talks to take over the director's chair but it would appear to be a nailed on deal.

Reeves is an inspired choice, his movies showing a calibre and understanding of captivating visuals (just look at the most recent Planet of the Apes films) it’s likely that audiences will be treated to the most interesting take on the Caped Crusader we’ve had since the Christopher Nolan days.

Whether he’s given enough creative freedom to put his unique stamp on the iconic character remains to be seen but as of right now at least this is a bit of good news for The Batman, a movie that has so far been plagued with reports of script issues and a lack of direction. Audiences now just have to sit tight and wait until at least next year to see if the right decision has been made.

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