MCU: 10 Real World Issues Addressed In Marvel Films

Politics? In my Marvel movies?! It's more likely than you think.


The old adage is coming out in full force with the premiere of Marvel's new hero, Captain Marvel: "I don't want politics in my superhero films." However, the assumption that Marvel doesn't frequently address timely and relevant real world issues, is a misguided one, since that's more or less what the MCU has been doing since Iron Man came out.

If characters aren't created as a reaction to the current political landscape, then they're remade to fit it, as with Captain America's shift from Nazi-puncher in World War 2 to Nazi-puncher dealing with America's post-Bush era security state (because, depressingly, those Nazis never quite went away), or Iron Man going from Cold War capitalist superhero to Bush-Era capitalist superhero.

The reason Iron Man took off in a way most other comic book films didn't, was that it was a film that presented a hero that felt like he could genuinely be living in the world we were, and still are. And the MCU has carried that tradition in every film made, whether it's as prominently seen as in Civil War or Black Panther, or as subtle as in Thor: Ragnarok...

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