MCU: 14 Things You Learn Rewatching Captain America: Civil War


Captain America Civil War
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Though we've had two Avengers films so far, it was never the first nor Age Of Ultron that can claim to be the biggest MCU movies ahead of Infinity War inevitably dwarfing everything that's come before it: that accolade goes to Captain America: Civil War.

Sure, it would have been even bigger had it been a pure adaptation of the comic book event that lent the Russos' ensemble its name, but the real success of Civil War - and what the Russos should hopefully have taken into Infinity War - is how it blends enormous scale with intimacy. It's not just a film about superheroes fighting or grand, world-changing ideas like superhero registration: it's about individuals losing everything - their families, their identities, their control, their principles. And for that to go hand-in-hand with sequences like the airport and the freeway chase is just stunning.

There's a reason why Civil War should be the gold standard of the MCU so far, and hopefully, when Infinity War comes around, we'll have something that really challenges it.

So what did we learn rewatching the biggest MCU movie event so far?

14. Marvel Really Should Do A House Of M Event

Scarlet Witch Civil War
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The opening of Civil War sets the bar high for the action that follows with some tub-thumping violence, brilliant fight choreography and actual balance between each of the so-called New Avengers. Sure, it makes no sense that War Machine and Vision are left out (since they're recruited at the end of Age Of Ultron), but that's a minor concern.

The stand-outs in that sequence are Frank Grillo's delightfully unstable Crossbones, Scarlett Johansson's bad-ass Widow and the intrigue of Scarlet Witch's instability. And looking at that sequence and how she's framed in this movie as a "weapon of mass destruction" with control issues, it's a shame we probably won't get to see a House Of M style movie event where she loses control completely.

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