MCU: 16 Things We Learned From 4Chan's Latest Marvel Movies "Leak"

Undead rising, character confirmations and cameos...

Marvel Studios

At this stage, the schedule of 4Chan leaks purporting to reveal the future and secrets of the MCU are almost as regular as Marvel movie releases themselves. It's almost like those pesky rascals who like to show off (or make up entirely) their scooping skills know when Marvel are on the verge of releasing their own information.

The identity of these mysterious rogues is an easily protected secret (mostly because 4chan is like a closed book even when you're reading it), and it's mostly only thank to Reddit that any of their whispers ever really come to light. So far, the rumours of the last lot of leaks are yet to be debunked or substantiated either way, but as is always the way with these things, they were believable because so much of their content was entirely plausible.

And since rumours and supposed "leaks" thrive in the vacuum where information is withheld, the latest leak drop is very much the same sort of beast. It might well be fanciful, it might well be spurious, but a lot of the information in there could actually be entirely true given what we know of the MCU's future so far. And either way, it's intriguing as a Marvel fan to go through and rate each rumour and what they would mean.

Here's everything the latest leak suggested might be happening as Phase 3 continues...

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