MCU: Could The Russos Make Avengers: Secret Wars After Infinity War?

Joe Russo might have just solved the MCU's biggest conundrum...


Though we still have both parts of the Infinity Saga to look forward to, the Disney/Fox deal and the almost constant talk of how "different" Phase 4 is going to be has turned attentions firmly towards what happens next. The question of how those "new" properties are going to be intergrated to the existing MCU - since that is apparently the plan - is a particularly pertinent issue, but their arrival should get everyone excited about the prospect of the stories Marvel could now adapt.

Well, if Marvel Studios actually ADAPTED stories, anyway... Rather than just using their titles and coming up with entirely different stories.

Anyway, their availability is clearly exciting some of the big creators behind the MCU curtain, as Joe Russo has revealed his own enthusiasm at what will happen when the deal goes through. He actually says "if" it goes through, which is an interesting choice of words, considering how concrete most of the reporting has been on the finality of the deal. But, then, it's all still up in the air until it's approved by regulators, so it does still count as an "if", even if the precedent on other big acquisition deals suggests there won't be a problem.

Russo spoke to Lintern@ute to suggest what he'd be interested in doing when all of the new properties become available:

“If Disney’s takeover of Fox goes through, there’s a lot more characters to work with all of a sudden. It might be interesting to do something like Secret Wars…”

That probably doesn't mean the original 1984-85 mini-series (though that would make a great film too): it's probably in reference to the sequel event that Jonathan Hickman (the same writer behind Infinity, which is forming the basis for part of Infinity War), which saw the destruction of the multiverse. After that catastrophe, only certain elements of different realities survived in a new reality called Battleworld. It allowed Marvel to bring different alternate-dimension characters together and when everything was fixed, some of those characters stayed into the main Marvel Comics universe.

Now that would be a hell of a way to introduce the X-Men and Fantastic Four without having to interrupt the MCU - and it would allow for retrospective origin stories if need be (in the same way Captain Marvel is being done) after the event movie. Try and convince yourself that isn't the PERFECT way to do this.

And the best thing here is that at least one person with power behind the scenes of the MCU knows that. Let's hope it turns into something concrete.

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