MCU Phase 4 Rumours: 12 New Characters Who Could Appear Next

Could Marvel's elite be coming to the MCU very soon?

Wolverine Iron Man Head
Marvel Comics

When Thanos' snap is undone (or redone a different way or whatever ends up happening) and the credits roll on Avengers 4, we're going to be looking at a whole new MCU. It will be lead by different characters entirely, there will be a lot of fallout to pick through and new movies should start being announced pretty quickly.

This brave new world will also see the arrival of lots more new Marvel characters and if rumours are anything to go by, we could be in for a real treat.

The key here is that every named character has been rumoured to be heading to the MCU in the very near future in one way or another. Which would you most like to see?

12. Namor

Namor Came First
Marvel Comics

Teased all the way back in Iron Man 2 seemingly and hinted at elsewhere, The Sub-Mariner has been a long-standing fixture on the MCU rumours list. Now that DC and Warner Bros have gone ahead (and stolen rare ground on the MCU) with Aquaman, the rumours have become a little louder and more insistent.

We've already been promised new worlds in the wake of Avengers 4 by Marvel's supremos and while most have interpreted that to mean a focus on space and actual new planets, we've equally not been under the sea either. Just imagine the imagination and colour palette we could get in an MCU film set there!

Namor's a lot more than just a key to the sea too, he's complex, an anti-hero and exactly the kind of character to shake things up.

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