MCU: What Song Is In The New Captain Marvel Trailer?

A slice of 1990s' indie cool for the newest Avenger...

Captain Marvel Record
Marvel Studios

If you watched the latest Captain Marvel teaser - disguised as a "Special Look" by Marvel - and thought it was as great as most people seem to have, you will no doubt have noticed how well the music at the start matches the 1990s setting. It's a conscious - and clever - choice by the film-makers to use that indie rock song from the 1990s to remind us all that this film is going to be set in the past.

And while Carol Danvers is clearly a Nine Inch Nails fan, the song is from a completely different source.

In the wake of the new teaser's debut, a significant number of fans will no doubt be asking what the song used is. Though younger fans won't recognise it, anyone who was around in the 90s has a good chance - particularly if you're from the UK. The song chosen is Elastica's "Connection."

We don't actually get to the lyrics kicking in, because it's at that point that Captain Marvel shows off her Photon Blast to prove she's not a Kree to Nick Fury. But it's still a great song that deserves more attention from a new

Here's the song...

What did you think of the third Captain Marvel teaser? Share your thoughts below.

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