Michelle Monaghan To Join ‘The Coup’

Monaghan will play Anna, the wife of Owen Wilson's character in the action thriller, which is scheduled to begin production in October.

Nick Savvides


Owen Wilson’s first foray into action films since 2001’s ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ is quickly gathering steam on the casting front. First, news arrived the other week that Pierce Brosnan had joined the cast as a government agent and now comes word that Michelle Monaghan is getting in on the action.

Monaghan will be playing the role of Annie, the wife of Owen Wilson’s character in the action thriller, which is scheduled to begin production in October.

As previously reported, the thriller is centered on an American family who moves to Southeast Asia to begin a new life but, of course, get far more than just the local wildlife that they have to contend with, as the family quickly find themselves in the middle of a violent coup as merciless rebels attack the city the family are residing in. There’s always something to put a damper on your day, isn’t there…

John Erick Dowdle (‘Devil’, ‘Quarantine’) is directing from a script co-written by himself and his brother Drew Dowdle. The brothers said:

“Michelle is an exceptional actor who always brings a depth of compassion and warmth to her characters. She and Owen Wilson will be the kind of screen couple you just can’t help but root for.”

I’m a big fan of Monaghan, who proved to be a joy alongside Robert Downey Jr. in ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ but unfortunately she hasn’t entirely been served well since, mainly taking roles that don’t allow her to show what she is fully capable of, mainly because she’s starred in mediocre fare such as ‘Eagle Eye’ and ‘The Heartbreak Kid’. Although with a role in last year’s quite exceptional ‘Source Code’ here’s hoping that her choices gradually begin to reflect her talents.

Saying that however, she is playing the wife role. Hopefully the Dowdle brothers will give her something more to do than simply run around screaming and wait for her hubby to come and save the day. Here’s hoping…