More Heroes in Trek?

Rumors are once again on the web suggesting Heroes star Jason Kyson Lee is in the running for Sulu

Matt Holmes


Just after the Con when the role of Chekov was cast in the new Star Trek, I thought the others would just come together quite quickly like the cast of Watchmen came together for Zack Snyder, but this one is taking a little longer. Which means we can only feed off little scraps of information at this point because no-one really knows the truth.

Except for Abrams of course, who you have to believe is either close to narrowing his choices down, or he already has nailed down who he wants and he just hasn’t told us yet.

A reader of Trek Movie has sent them details of a brief conversation they had with Heroes star Jason Kyson Lee, who plays Ando on the show, during a press event for the Heroes Season 1 DVD. Now, we’ve heard before that Lee was interested in the role despite being 32, and a couple of years older than Paramount would probably like but he certainly looks the part (although he is Korean and not Japanese as Sulu was) and though shooting conflicts with Heroes, they managed to work around it for Zachary Quinto.

Here is the scoop from Trek Movie…

So I asked the actor if he is going to be the new Sulu and he froze a moment, started laughing and stammered “I don’t know” a few times. I pressed him with a couple more prods but he wouldn’t say anything beyond “I don’t know,” then laughed and shook my hand goodbye.

You have to admit, it does sound a little like he knows something and doesn’t want to tell us. Maybe he has been advised by his agent to say nothing so people like me will pick up on it and report it, putting the actor in the spotlight for the part.

Can’t help but feel he might be a little small in body structure for the role. I always thought of Sulu being a little larger and someone who could look after himself in a fight. Abram’s Lost actor Daniel Dae Kim I would have said was perfect for the part but of course at the age of 39, he’s a decade older than the age they are aiming for.