National Lampoon’s 301 gets Drama

Entourage star Kevin Dillon gets his own feature, a spoof of the sword and sandals epic.

Will Reynolds


kevindillonNot only does Kevin Dillon play second fiddle to his better looking, more talented brother in the TV show ENTOURAGE, he does the same in real life with bro Matt taking all the plaudits.

That’s no knock on Kev’s talent, he’s hilarious on ENTOURAGE , but has likely not had decent breaks or made bad choices in selecting roles.

It’s doubtful that his turn as the lead in the newly announced 301 – or NATIONAL LAMPOON’S 301: THE LEGEND OF AWESOMEST MAXIMUS WALLACE LEONIDAS – to give it the full title, will represent a solid career move but Dillon deserves his moment in the sun.

Dillon will play a bumbling Spartan general who fails upwards to become leader of the 301. Expect some cheeky potshots in the direction of TROY, GLADIATOR and BRAVEHEART.

The recent 300 spoof on SOUTH PARK will be pretty hard to top (I experienced multiple crescendos of laughter!) so Lampoon will have their work cut out.

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