New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Footage - 6 Things We Just Learned

Luke finally speaks!


In this day and age when we receive teases of movies that aren't due out for well over a year, it's incredibly surprising to note that we haven't yet been shown anything from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Yes, there was that brief 'production start' video that Disney released in February of 2016, but a quick shot of an island and a quick shot of Luke is hardly a satisfying substitute for a proper trailer.

It's frustrating, but fortunately, our long wait may soon be over.

Disney shareholders were recently treated to some brand-new footage from the film, and though it hasn't been released publicly, Los Angeles Times reporter Daniel Miller was kind enough to share a handful of key details via his Twitter account.

This can only mean that a trailer is imminent - after all, the film is due out in December, and at this point in the Force Awakens' marketing campaign, the first teaser had been floating around for a while - but for now, we've only got a series of tantalizing tweets to lose our insanely geeky minds over.


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