Big kudos to Peruvian born Ricardo De Montreuil, director of the amazing $5,000, weekend shot short The Raven that today has been picked up for a feature film by Universal, with Mark Wahlberg in talks to star and produce and De Montreuil himself to direct.

The futuristic, Minority Report-esque sci-fi thriller short clocks in at around 5 mins in length and was shot by the Latino Filmmaker on the RED camera. It was filmed over two days in LA and depicted a young man evading an evil regime using his athletic prowess and amazing telekinetic powers (that could lead to the destruction of the city) and you can see why a studio would be interested in this.

It has a great vision of a dystopian future with a wonderful grasp of action direction and creativity, and is proof enough that Ricardo’s holds an impressive visual eye for grandeur.

It’s now the job of geek favourite writer Justin Marks (recent Street Fighter scribe, but is hot property right now having put together the high-profile scripts for the Masters of the Universe redo and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) to come up with a feature length story.

We always love the idea of short films being made into features etc, the idea that someone can go out with a few thousand bucks and a decent camera and just make a kick-ass movie, just to then land a budget that matches your epic scope and vision. We wish Ricardo all the luck in the world and hope that this will inspire others to follow in his footsteps!

If you want to read more about The Raven check out their facebook page here for some great behind the scenes stuff.

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This article was first posted on July 17, 2010