sadhu.jpgNicolas Cage is safe to say…the biggest geek in Hollywood. After lobbying for years to be given the chance to play Superman on screen, he settled for the role of Ghost Rider (which he is much better suited for, and ironically has a tatoo of the character on his back which he has to cover up when filming the movie!!!).

If that wasn’t enough then of course he named his second son after “the last son of Krypton” Kal-El (poor kid) and today the news has broke that he is to play yet another comic book character on screen.

That character is James Jensen from The Sadhu, a fairly recent comic from UK based Virgin Comics. The comic is described as melding “action with mythology from India. Cage will play James Jenson, a soldier who travels to India during colonial times and becomes a spiritual warrior”.

I’ve never heard of the it myself and because it’s pretty new to the stands it’s quite hard to find any clear information about it.

He sure takes on some strange roles does Cage, he is a hard actor to pin down and figure out. I mean just a few weeks apart he was starring in World Trade Center and The Wicker Man, could you get two different movies in terms of critical acclaim, genre and character roles?

source – variety, coming soon

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This article was first posted on November 14, 2006