No Time To Die Trailer - James Bond Is BACK!

007 returns in the first trailer for Bond 25.

Bond No Time To Die

Despite the lead actor insisting that he didn't want to carry on anymore, the Daniel Craig era of James Bond is still rolling on with No Time To Die, the 25th official chapter in the sprawling spy franchise. And after months of speculation and a drip-feed marketing campaign that has mostly just taken in not-particularly-revealing character posters, a teaser for a teaser and precious little in terms of actual substance, we finally have the first trailer.

Announced with a 14 second pre-trailer, the teaser for Cary Joji Fukunaga's explosive sequel has just landed and it packs a hell of a punch as you'd expect. This is, after all, billed as Craig's final film and with rumours of death (and replacement with a female agent) swirling wildly for months, expectations on it have been remarkably high.

Here's the trailer...

Somewhat inevitably, it looks glossy and it doesn't break the established formula for Bond, but there are some seriously eye-catching moments in there. The action looks incredible, the set-pieces likewise and the cinematography is gorgeous. There's also lots of conflict, a female 00 agent and Bond's usual spikey edge.

In short, it's exactly what Bond fans will eat up all day.

What did you think of this teaser? Share your reactions below in the comments thread and watch out for our reactions coming soon.

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