Oh Do Shut Up! 10 Classic British Kitchen Sink Dramas

ataste The Kitchen Sink Drama is unique to British cinema. They are essentially films seen through the lens of social realism. A determination to examine the lives of the working and dispossessed classes in a non sentimental way is crucial to the Kitchen Sink drama. The movement began in the late 1950s and has survived to this day with the oeuvre of Ken Loach and films such as Nil By Mouth. Tackling thorny themes is a trademark of the Kitchen Sink drama. Abortion, divorce, homelessness, single motherhood, inter racial sex, poverty and homosexuality were all ripe topics to be examined. There was also the advent of The Angry Young Man - usually working class men railing against everyone and everything. If you like a dollop of misery in your cinema, this list is a how to guide in introducing depressing films into your viewing schedule. The films are also great fun for the British historians among you - you can groove on the social mores of the period and the fashions and trends.
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