This time around, host Peter Duffy, sound man Uncle Bobby, and myself tackle our picks for who should win the the top 8 Oscar statues at the 85th Annual Academy Awards!

From Lincoln to Django Unchained, and Steven Spielberg to Quentin Tarantino, this may be one of the most “stacked” award seasons in recent history. The directors are the best in the business, the actors and actresses can’t be beaten, and the films are tailor made for Oscar glory.

Together we as a group have seen 99% of everything nominated this year. Uncle Bobby as an individual has seen Zero Dark Thirty… And that is all. His is the opinion of the everyman who wants to join in when others discuss the Oscars. Judge him not folks, as we thought it was funny to put him on the spot about things he knew very little to nothing about.

Peter and myself however do know what we are talking about and are here to give you an educated prediction of this years Academy Awards which will air Sunday February 24th! Enjoy the show!

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This article was first posted on January 23, 2013