Paranormal Activity 4: The Fright Factor Guide

Paranormal Activity 4 DVDTo celebrate the release of Paranormal Activity 4 on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Download, we've put together a "Fright Factor" guide for all of the movies in the series. Paranormal Activity 4 is available to released on February 25th and can be ordered here. The DVD and Blu-Ray include the theatrical version of the film as well as an extended nine minute cut, and €œThe Recovered Files€ €“ 30 chilling minutes of found footage, not shown in cinemas.

Paranormal Activity

The story of Katie and Micah on a mission to film spooky goings on in their house seems relatively restrained now, but it is all the scarier for it. A great start to the series, with some major jumps! Fright Factor: 8/10

Paranormal Activity 2

The sequel focuses on the Rey family who set up security cameras to investigate a series of break- ins. Switching between home footage and CCTV cameras to capture the thrilling drama, not everything is as it seems... Some creepy moments mean you€™ll be left sleeping with the light on. Fright Factor: 7/10

Paranormal Activity 3

The prequel to the series gives an eerie background to the Paranormal series, taking you back to where it all began when Katie and her sister Kirsti befriend an invisible entity who resides in their home. Heart stoppingly scary, you will be left with no fingernails by the end! Fright Factor: 9/10

Paranormal Activity 4

The latest instalment continues the shocking story of the evil that surrounds Katie and her family, as their neighbours are haunted by unexplained events, with deadly consequences. Possibly the most thrilling of the series gluing you to the edge of your seat for the entirety. Fright Factor: 10/10 Check out this exclusive extended preview of Paranormal Activity 4 below:
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