Pirates Of The Caribbean 5: Paul McCartney Looks Like Jack Sparrow Cosplayer

Beatles star's mystery character revealed...

Paul McCartney Pirates Of The Caribbean

Rock legend Paul McCartney has revealed what his character looks like in the upcoming Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge, and there's definitely a hint that he's just wearing a Jack Sparrow cosplay outfit.

The Beatles hero took to his Twitter to reveal the first character poster for his thus-far unnamed character (he's currently just listed as Jail Guard 2 on IMDB, but he hardly looks like that).

According to Deadline, McCartney's role won't be just a throw-away cameo, he's the central focus of a set-piece scene that was added to the scene after it was initially completed. So that would suggest that he's not particularly tied to the mainline of the story too much... Maybe he's just there for a flashback around young Jack Sparrow? Maybe he's the inspiration for Jack's look?

Or maybe he's just been added as another of Salazar's pirate victims? It's an intriguing question certainly - and so too is whether McCartney can actually act...

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge is set for release on 26th May.

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