It’s still early days yet in Disney and Marvel’s so-called “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, and we’re only just gearing up now for the start of Phase Two (which will include Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2 and The Avengers 2), but tentative plans are apparently already in the works for the third phase of the meticulously assembled story, according to Latino Review.

If the report is to be believed, the second Avengers film will conclude with The Hulk becoming stranded in space, putting him in the perfect position to follow Greg Pak’s popular 2006 comic arc Planet Hulk, in which the green rage monster ends up being revered by an alien race for his supreme prowess.

The big question mark is how it will happen, with speculation already abounding that it will be the Illuminati, the covert organisation whose membership includes Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, Charles Xavier, Reed Richards, Namor and Iron Man, who will end up deporting The Hulk from Earth after he causes significant destruction on Earth.

This would provide a very natural segue for Hulk to then return to Earth in the third Avengers film, which could easily follow the World War Hulk arc, in which he returns to Earth, bent on revenge against the Illuminati.

Excited? Scared? Intrigued? This arc certainly has a lot of potential, and given the pieces that have already been slotted in place, it would certainly make a world of sense. Joss Whedon made it clear that they weren’t going to half-ass The Hulk this time, and given how integral it seems he might be in forthcoming films, that is a promise he should be delivering with full force.

Will a Planet Hulk adaptation work? What about World War Hulk? Let us know in the comments below.

Iron Man 3 kicks off Marvel Phase Two on April 26th, Thor: The Dark World hits on October 30th, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014, and then The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015.

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This article was first posted on February 4, 2013