sq-first-batman-begins-wb.jpgJust like to say, thank you to everybody who voted in our last poll. We got our best response to a poll yet with 41 votes.

Here is the breakdown of those results…

Christian Bale  – 56% (23 Votes)
Kevin Conroy – 20% (8 Votes)
Michael Keaton – 17% (7 Votes)
Adam West – 5% (2 Votes)
Val Kilmer – 2% (1 Vote)
George Clooney – 0% (O Votes)
Clark Batram – 0% (0 Votes)

No suprise that Christian Bale won the poll after his awesome turn as Batman in last summer’s Batman Begins. As much as I loved his performance though, I personally voted for Michael Keaton as he will always be the true Batman for me having grown up watching the Tim Burton movies religously in the 90′s.

Nice to see Kevin Conroy come second in the poll, he was fantastic in the animated show and pulled off two great distinctive voices for both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Adam West was a great Batman for what the show was and I use to love watching that show as a kid so it’s good to see him get two votes.

So thanks again for the amount of votes. Our next poll is up already and will as usual be kept up for two days!

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This article was first posted on September 20, 2006