Yawn. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

If there’s one plot I’m absolutely sick to death of in Hollywood right now it’s the ‘kidnapped daughter’ thriller. It’s such a lazy plot device and I seriously believe I have seen every variation of this film that could possibly be made by now.

Here’s a new poster for the latest cheap movie (they couldn’t even be bothered to think of a better title), co-written by Luc Besson (THE FIFTH ELEMENT, LEON) and directed by Pierre Morel (DISTRICT 13).


The film follows Neeson as an ex-spy who sets out to on a trip across Europe to save his daughter (Maggie Grace) from the slave trade she has been forced into…

[youtube 3_0R4l0ISNs]

This is the movie that Neeson got lumbered with earlier this year when Spielberg decided to go off and shoot INDIANA JONES with Harrison Ford, dumping his LINCOLN biopic which Neeson had cleared his schedule for.

To be fair, the trailer ain’t half bad for this actually. Neeson should make this interesting and Maggie Grace actually makes a more convincing teenage girl than I ever thought she would have. Still, I can’t see this opening anywhere but mid box office chart obscurity when it opens February/March next year.

source – worst previews

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This article was first posted on December 10, 2007