Quentin Tarantino: Definitive Guide To Homages, Influences And References

Django Unchained

15. Broomhilda's Blaxploitation Surname

Broomhilda's surname is von Shaft, a reference to the infamous blaxpoitation character John Shaft. Tarantino has mentioned on a number of occasions that Django and Broomhilda are supposed to be the ancestors of said gun-toting character. Broomhilda's name is inspired by the mythical German female warrior Brunnhilde, to be rescued by her very own Siegfried in Django.

14. Candyland

Calvin Candie's estate, nicknamed "Candyland," is likely a reference to the board game of the same name. Tarantino is known for his personal fondness for board games. Various board games can also be glimpsed throughout Pulp Fiction, including Operation and Life.

13. The Matt Houston Cameo

The star of the 80s private eye television show Matt Houston plays the role of Sheriff Gus.

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