Rampage Review: 6 Ups & 5 Downs


5. The Villains Are Absolutely Terrible

Rampage Malin Akerman Jake Lacy
Warner Bros.

There's a reason that Rampage's antagonists have barely been featured in the marketing at all: they're by far the weakest aspect of the film, and so dull they slow it to a crawl almost every time they appear on screen.

The villains are Claire Wyden (Malin Akerman) and her dum-dum brother Brett (Jake Lacy), two business honchos responsible for the incident that caused gorilla George, wolf Ralph and crocodile Lizzie to grow to ginormous proportions in the first place.

Their motives for orchestrating an all-out battle between the three monsters is flimsy at best and nonsensical at worst, while neither Akerman nor Lacy imbue their - admittedly worthless - characters with anything approaching actual personality.

Thankfully their screen time is relatively limited, but it's still too much. More importantly, the boring baddies rob the film of a ripe opportunity to have The Rock face off against a scenery-chewing A-lister instead. Shameful.


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