Ranking All The Marvel Cinematic Universe Franchises From Worst To Best

Iron Man's the coolest MCU hero, but does he have the best movies? Let's find out.


There's never been anything quite like the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the history of cinema. It's not just an ongoing series of movies, nor is it as many state a series of interconnected movies; it's an interconnected fabric of several smaller franchises that all thread together to form a bigger whole.

That it's been pulled off, with few-if-any major slip-ups, is nothing short of a miracle, showing the extent of understanding of source, audience and basic blockbuster filmmaking at Marvel Studios. At their best, the movies function on three distinct levels - as standalones, as part of the subject character's arc and as a small puzzle piece in the wider universe - representing a shift in how rollover franchise films traditionally operate (on a side note, it's this factor that has made it so hard for rivals to replicate the success).

So while much of the focus on this mega-franchise tends to lock on the big picture, it's important to remember that the MCU is made up of several, smaller (read: regular size) franchises, each one both a spectacle by itself and a cog in the bigger machine. It's the focus on these multiple purposes that has led the series to become the highest grossing franchise of all time in less than a decade, and ensure new adventures feel fresh even after thirteen new movies.

With that in mind, let's take a look through these various strands and see how they hold up on their own, ranked from worst to best.


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