Ranking Black Panther's Oscars Chances In Each Category

Can a superhero movie really win Best Picture?

Black Panther Oscars
Marvel Studios/AMPAS

Disney are preparing to give their biggest awards push ever to a Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the Mouse House submitting Black Panther into no fewer than 12 categories.

The studio’s For Your Consideration list reveals that it’s putting Panther in for most of the big categories, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

On top of those, it’s also gunning for Film Editing, Original Song, Original Score, Cinematography, VFX, and Costume Design.

Black Panther has been generating awards hype ever since its debut back in February, and is aiming to become the first superhero movie to win big at the Oscars. Best Popular Film is scrapped, and Disney fancies its chances, but does the movie have what it takes?

12. Costume Design

Black Panther Wakanda
Marvel Studios

While it may be one of the smaller categories, costume design marks one of Black Panther's best chances because, well, the design work from Ruth E. Carter is stunning. Utilising a range of different colours and materials, Carter - a two-time nominee (for Malcolm X and Amistad) - pays great respect to a number of African influences, while meshing them with the looks from Marvel Comics.

Whether it's the military uniforms of the Dora Milaje, or the green suit and lip plate of the River Tribe elder, the looks are instantly iconic, stand apart from pretty much anything else, and are quite unforgettable.

Chances Of Nomination: 9/10

Chances Of Winning: There's some big competition, with Mary, Queen of Scots, The Favourite, and Mary Poppins Returns all certain to be in contention, but this is a good chance for the Academy to recognise Black Panther. 8/10


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