Ranking December 2017's Movies From Worst To Best

1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer Kylo Ren

RottenTomatoes Score: 91% (8.1/10)

Box Office: There was never any worry that the $200 million Star Wars sequel would do anything less than incredible business, and despite the film's controversial fan response, The Last Jedi opened to $450.8 million worldwide, the fifth-highest of all time (unsurprisingly trailing The Force Awakens' $528.9 million).

The long-awaited sequel just barely managed to cross the billion-dollar mark before the end of 2017, and though it'll ultimately fall far short of The Force Awakens' $2.06 billion final total, that was always to be expected.

Verdict: If you were worried that the new Star Wars movie was going to simply be a rehash of The Empire Strikes Back that didn't take any risks whatsoever, Rian Johnson ensured that The Last Jedi subverted a lot of what audiences expected, even if not all fans are going to agree with every creative call he made (would they ever?)

All you need to know is this: it's visually stunning (for the most part), it calls back to the past without getting obnoxious about it, the performances are great, it's surprisingly hilarious, and moves the series on in a highly compelling fashion.

The fact it's divisive is proof enough that Johnson has actually done something interesting with the franchise rather than just replay the greatest hits once again.

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