Ranking Every New Movie Trailer From This Past Week

Too many trailers to keep up with? We've got you covered...


This past week saw the release of so many big trailers that it was mind-boggling. Somehow, miraculously, every studio in Hollywood flipped through their calendars a few weeks back and picked that week as the perfect one in which to debut their latest and greatest trailers.

At the time, it may have felt like an overload of movie hype. With several trailers a day, it got a bit ridiculous. But now that the week is over and things have returned to normal, there's time to sit back and take a long look at all the material that was released.

From trailers for big-budget blockbuster sequels, to animated films from long-established studios, to classic horror remakes, to 2018's Oscar hopefuls, these are all the trailers that were vying for viewers' attention last week.

Some of them were so great that their respective films are going to have to really deliver in order to not disappoint. And some of them were so bad that it might be better for all involved if viewers forgot about them as quickly as possible. Let's see which was which.


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