Ranking July 2017's Movies From Worst To Best

16. Kuso

Kuso Shudder
Brainfeeder Films

RottenTomatoes Score: 50% (5.4/10)

Box Office: The experimental body horror film has no financials available, but with an evidently low budget and release straight to horror VOD platform Shudder, it'll probably do just fine off the back of all that Sundance buzz.

Verdict: Flying Lotus' surrealist horror flick is not for the faint of stomach, a grotesque dive into a world of butts, pimples and monsters in the wake of an Earthquake.

It doesn't make much sense and won't be for everyone, but this anthology nevertheless gets a lot of points for its fierce creativity and those entrancing, if repulsive, visuals.

Just under no circumstances should you attempt to eat while watching this film.


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