Ranking March 2018's Movies From Worst To Best

It was a stacked month.

Tomb Raider
Warner Bros.

Was March a busy month for movies or what? Whether you indulged in the array of glossy Hollywood blockbusters released this month, settled in with something a little artier or stayed in your bed all month and just binged Netflix Originals, it's safe so say there's never been a more diverse platter of content at film lovers' fingertips.

It was, in fairness, also an incredibly mixed bag of a month: there were a few dreadful offerings, a slew of mediocre efforts, some surprisingly entertaining comedies and a handful of legitimately great films. Again, though, the sheer volume of releases both major and minor ensured nobody could be starved for things to watch.

As April kicks off, so too does the blockbuster onslaught, so what will the coming month be serving up? A Quiet Place, the belated UK release of Death Wish, Rampage, Truth or Dare, and of course, the movie everyone and their aunt's going to see, Avengers: Infinity War. But before then, here's everything we saw this past month...

20. Game Over, Man!

Game Over Man

RottenTomatoes Score: 10% (3.6/10 average)

Box Office: Game Over, Man! went straight to Netflix.

Verdict: Workaholics fans more than anyone will get some easy kicks out of this wildly uneven comedy-actioner, which playfully homages Die Hard but also has tonal issues coming out the wazoo. Your enjoyment will largely depend on how much of Adam DeVine's mugging you're prepared to deal with.

The violence is genuinely gnarly and there are some fast laughs to be had, but it's clearly not for all tastes, and above all else you'll probably be glad you didn't pay money to watch it in cinemas.

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