Ranking: Nicolas Cage's Straight-To-Video Movies From Worst To Best

8. Outcast (2014)

Entertainment One

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 5%

Nicolas Cage as a bada** Crusader in ancient China. How bad could it be?

Outcast is directed by prolific stuntman Nick Powell in his filmmaking debut, following Opium addict Jacob (Hayden Christensen) as he attempts to prevent an assassination attempt on the heir of China's imperial throne, with the help of his rogue buddy Gallain (Cage).

The worst thing you can say about Outcast is that Cage is barely in it: his screen time is around 20 minutes spread throughout the film to try and make it seem like he's in it more than he actually is. He also touts an hysterically off-the-mark British accent and spends most of the movie squinting with one eye closed because the budget couldn't stretch for a scarred eye prosthetic.

Christensen sadly has to take the reins for much of the run-time, and his own bad accent combined with a sleep-inducing plot and generic action makes this one an absolute calamity. Plus, the marketing crassly suggests Cage is the lead actor, which is a total dick move.

Unsurprisingly, Outcast was barely given a theatrical release anywhere outside of China.


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