Ranking The Bourne Movie Franchise From Worst To Best

"Look at us. Look at what they make you give."

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You could easily have been forgiven for thinking that the Bourne series was well over and done with. After a hard-hitting original trilogy that seemed to tie up the question of the resourceful spy's identity, a fourth legacy film landed with a damp thud and accusations of diluting the brand.

But then Matt Damon decided he wasn't quite done yet and now it feels like the fifth film may have opened up further story possibilities for even more sequels. Maybe we'll even get to see Damon and Renner sparring side by side?

Far more than simply a character led series with financial longevity, the Bourne series revitalised action cinema. It reinvented Bond indirectly with heavy stylistic cribbing on 007's part, it inspired the hyper-violence and crazy cam-work of the likes of Taken and it made man on a mission movies fashionable again. None of that should be underestimated, and even almost 15 years down the line, it continues to pull audiences into the box office.

Here's how the franchise's five outings so far rank...

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