worstcomics-spawn-431 Back in May, Todd McFarlane claimed he had "five offers on the table" from different studios offering him the chance to make a new movie based on the Spawn comic book character he created in the 90's. The offer he was leaning towards was a smaller sized and more character driven/adult themed picture. Well today, McFarlane has announced he is to officially begin writing the screenplay of what will be "neither a recap or continuation"of the 1997 film adaptation flop, and is instead described as a "standalone story that will be R-rated. Creepy and scary." This would keep in line with McFarlane's previous claims that he wanted this picture to avoid the general conception of a superhero good guy vs. a superhero baddie. It's my guess, he wants to make a movie like The Punisher in tone. Though McFarlane himself name-drops The Departed. I've never seen Spawn or read any of the comics material... so I got nothing on this one. I was hoping you guys could enlighten me on whether this is a movie that is worth tracking.
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